Friday, January 15, 2010

FFF - Close up

This week's Favorite Foto Friday theme is "Close up". This picture of Mia was taken this week. I was teasing her because she has a habit of smiling with just her mouth but not her eyes. I tried to show her by doing an exaggerated version myself, and got her to laughing. She's so cute when she laughs, but I can almost never get a picture of it!

Claire looked up at the last second, so I only got half of her face, but I still like her expression as she played with her new DS - the only thing she wanted for Christmas. I even found one in Tinkerbell green, her new favorite color!

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Have a great weekend! It's supposed to be a little warmer here, so hopefully some of this old snow will melt off.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Well, I've gotten a bit behind, and haven't posted any pictures in awhile. Here are some from Christmas, in no particular order (I'm afraid I've gotten spoiled to working with photos on Facebook - it's SO much easier!).

Mia has decided she likes to pose for pictures.

Claire and Aunt Jan looking at the girl journal Claire got - it's so cool - you write on black paper with silver ink!

Claire and Uncle Dino.

This was our Christmas card picture.

The girls played in the snow on Christmas Eve with Uncle Dino. See the rosy cheeks?

Getting ready for church. Claire's wearing my mom's boots. She's getting so big!

Sweet Andy.
Posing again.

Webkinz are always a big hit!


We had a big snow the Friday before Christmas. We measured about 17 inches. Schools were out, and I stayed home from work, so I didn't have to worry about getting out into it until Monday. The only bad thing was that our power was off for 2 1/2 days. The girls went over to Mom and Dad's house, a mile away - they had power. We stayed home with the dog and just puttered around with flashlights and candles. Luckily we have a gas log stove in the basement, so even though the upstairs was pretty cold, it was toasty downstairs.

Since then it's been terribly cold, with a few forecasts of snow (but luckily none have panned out) and I'm longing for spring!