Friday, August 21, 2009

FFF - Sweet Tristan

Here's a picture of my sweet Trissy Bug, taken this week. Poor little guy, he's been so unsettled since Andy came into the family. He's spent most of the past month and a half hiding under our bed or in our closet. They've gotten into a couple of scraps, but I don't think Tristan knows that he could beat Andy up with one paw tied behind his back - he's a pretty big cat. He's finally starting to get a little braver, and will sleep up on the bed now, and if Andy is in his crate, Tristan will walk slowly past the door as if to say, "Ha ha - I'm out and you're not!"

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Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pix from yesterday

Mia all dressed up from church

We straightened Claire's hair, but the humidity was just too high...

Andy all dirty from playing in the fresh cut grass

This picture shows Andy's personality perfectly!

School starts tomorrow for the girls, so they're enjoying the last day of summer vacation.

Friday, August 7, 2009


We have friends that have a pool, and we've gotten to go a few times this summer. The girls have had so much fun, and I love taking pool pictures. I don't know if it's the blue, or the natural light or what, but they usually turn out good. Here are a few of the girls and their friends, in no particular order. (I also like to try to catch them in mid-air while jumping!)

Dmitri -

I love Mia's big smile as she leaps -

Rachel -

Hannah -

Daniel's dad was throwing the ball, and Daniel would try to catch it as he jumped in -

I think he caught this one -

Katie and Claire -

Josef -

Here's Claire's "No more pictures, Mom" look -

And here's her "Now you're really making me mad" look -

Birthday Marathon

Wow, it's been awhile since I last posted! Seems like since we got the puppy, I've either been out in the yard waiting for him to do his business, or I've been too exhausted to do anything by the time we get the girls in bed. (I've also gotten a little addicted to Facebook, and have been spending a little time browsing around on there!)
Mia and Claire both have birthdays in July. First Mia's ---

Mia chose to do Diego again this year, and picked these Diego muffin cups and red Valentine hearts. Once she saw that I had made cupcakes, she said "Where's my cake? I wanted cake." Oh well, maybe she'll understand a little better next year.

And then Claire's birthday 8 days later ---

Claire made and decorated her Tinkerbell cake herself - the yellow sprinkles are supposed to be fairy dust. It was delicious - especially with Birthday Cake ice cream - I love that stuff!

The weekend in between we went over to Aunt Jan and Uncle Dino's house and got together with the girls' cousins, Jordan and Payton. They are the same ages as Claire and Mia, but we had never met them. The kids had so much fun!

Playing in the jetted tub.

Dino took them out in the boat and pulled them in the tube -

Mia and Uncle Joey.

Jordan and Claire catching air.

(We also made beaded watches and necklaces. I could do that for hours!)

And then Aunt Jan gave the girls a big birthday Luau!

They are all so cute.

Hula dancing with Uncle Dino.

Claire and Jordan became BFFs.

I bet Aunt Jan took a LONG nap after we all left!