Saturday, September 13, 2014

House pictures

This has been one of the biggest challenges of our lives - this move, and trying to downsize into this house. We have come miles, but still have miles to go. We've bought shelves and cabinets, and made a zillion trips to Lowe's and Wal-Mart. We've gotten to the point where it's functional, just kind of cramped and inconvenient. Once it gets functional I guess our natural tendency is to slow down. There are still boxes to unpack, but nowhere to put the stuff that's in them, so there they sit. Pictures need to be hung, but nothing seems to look quite right.

We had furniture in both our sun room and living room before, and it's all in this living room, even though it doesn't go together. We were going to get rid of one set, but decided to keep it to have more sitting space when kids are over.

A bit cramped...

The piano fit perfectly into this corner. It's straight ahead when you walk in the front door. Note the stuff leaning against the wall that still needs a place.

I've got so much stuff on top of the cabinets, I'm surprised they don't fall off the walls! I still have another box of blue and white plates to unpack, and nowhere to put them. We got the rolling kitchen island as a way to get a few more drawers. It's not much help - they are a bit shallow, and don't open very far. *Sigh*

We gave away our old table and chairs. It had served us well for 30 years. Larry's sister and her husband built it for us as a gift for our first Christmas. Last week I finally got out to the furniture store and ordered a new set - we're using the patio table for the time being.

Claire's room is done, and she actually cleaned it yesterday! She loves having carpet, and I'm a little jealous of it. It's so much nicer to walk on than hardwood. But when you see how much dirt accumulates on the wood, you realize what's in your carpet.

Our bathroom. What can I say - it's small and doesn't have enough storage. We got the little shelf, which is in the way, and the medicine cabinet, which is nice, but doesn't hold enough. Ugh! I have a bigger vanity on my Christmas list - Ha!

They've been working on our back yard, and the side. They had to lay a drain pipe for the gutters, and now they are scraping the dirt back in around the patio wall. Past the treeline in the back yard is the academy ballfield, and then the elementary school where Mia goes.

The house may be cramped and inconvenient, but I am loving being so close to everything. Mia is thriving, walking to school, walking home, playing with friends around campus, and going to academy activities whenever she wants. Claire has become a little less social. I think she has built up in her mind that freshmen are low on the totem pole, and it makes her feel awkward. She swings back and forth on this pendulum of hating for us to be around to enjoying having us around if she forgets something, and being able to get off campus easily. I guess we'll all adjust eventually.  

Oh - Andy is loving it. We are in and out of the house all day, so he gets more attention and potty breaks, and he gets to go on lots of walks! Here's how he looks when I ask him if he wants to go for a walk.