Thursday, February 3, 2011

Talent Show

Last Sunday afternoon was the annual talent show at the girls' school. I've never really cared for talent shows, and usually talk them out of performing, so we won't have to go :-). But this year it was a 50's theme, and Claire wanted to sing something. Since she has become obsessed with the movie "Grease", she decided to sing "Hopelessly Devoted To You". Here's a little video of her performance. Mia sang "Jesus Loves Me" with her friend Sophie accompanying her, but she doesn't want me to post her video. The gym was decorated like a 50's diner, and was really cute. The students sold burgers, hot dogs, fries and ice cream. Surprisingly, I had a really good time!

 Here are a few pictures -

Getting ready to go. Mia was ticked off at me for getting on to her for getting mud on her shoes.

 Waiting for her turn to go on.

This year the organizers decided not to do prizes, to encourage more participation. Each student that performed got a trophy.

 Mia and Sophie having fun dancing to the 50's Rock n Roll