Saturday, May 28, 2011

Precious Jessi

I love black cats so much, but they are really hard to photograph! I can take about 50 shots and get maybe 1 or 2 good ones. My camera just doesn't want to focus on her! I read somewhere that that is one of the reasons black cats are so hard to find homes for. It's true, the picture I saw of her at the animal shelter website was very lackluster, and I was not at all drawn to it. I had two or three other cats and kittens in mind to look at when I went there last year. Strangely, they had a round of kitty colds sweep through, and ALL of the ones I had on my list were over in the medical wing that day. When I saw Jessi (her shelter name was "Joan Jett") I immediately liked her, and took her home. She has been perfect for us. She's extremely playful and "busy", not really the snuggly lap cat I was wishing for, but very tolerant of the girls and the dog. She just takes all of the activity and noise in stride, and never gets too flustered about anything. She's mellowing a little, and even jumps up into my lap occasionally, and sleeps by me almost every night.

Jessi, aka Jessi Bean, Sissy Babe or Babiness. My dirly tat.