Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Awww - my little baby dog

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mia's curls

Why is it that we always want something different than what we have? I have wavy hair, and long for either straight or curly. Claire has curly hair and longs for straight or wavy. Mia has straight and longs for curls. Here she was after a night in sponge rollers.

Heat-seeking missile

Andy is a heat-seeking missile. He loves to snuggle, and I'm always happy to oblige. Every time I sit down, he jumps up beside me and cuddles up. Here he was waiting for us to get ready for school and work one morning. The girls pulled the blanket up around him and he was warm and snuggly, although he looks a little sad that he didn't have a person to be by.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Yep, another blurry fish picture. This is Alexander, Mia's Christmas present from Claire. He is a beautiful boy, and another Betta saved from a miserable existence at Wal-Mart!

Christmas 2011- a bunch of pix

This year for Christmas we did something a little different. A bunch of our family got together and rented a cabin in Pigeon Forge. It was my sister's new grandbaby Bradley's first Christmas, and his mommy wanted to make it special.

He's such a cutie, and a sweet boy, too!

My nephew, Josh, Danielle and Bradley

Danielle's parents dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus.

My sister, Molly. The girls think she's the greatest!

This was the first time our kids' stockings were ever hung by a fireplace. I want a fireplace so badly!

And now a few pictures from at home - these are from our Christmas card, and some that didn't make the cut.

I've lost my photo editor (having an old computer is a pain), but hopefully will be getting my new one soon, and I'll post more pictures after that.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!