Friday, October 23, 2009

FFF - Pumpkins

I know the theme for last week was orange, but we didn't get to the pumpkin patch until yesterday, so I'm posting pictures of my little pumpkins today. They had a good time, and took quite awhile to select just the right ones.

For more FFF posts, check out Hannah's blog. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some random photos

Here are a few random photos from the last few days. It's been awhile since I've posted - I think I've gotten hooked on Facebook, because it's so much easier to post pictures on it.

Mia and I stayed home sick last weekend. Saturday afternoon I decided to take a hot bath. I started the water, and when I came back a few minutes later...

Not my idea of a therapeutic activity, but since he needed a bath, and since the water was all doggified...

I thought after this that he would NEVER set foot in the bathtub again, but not so. The last 2 days instead of just waiting for me outside the shower, he's actually jumped in with me. I guess it's a great fun adventure for him.

These were taken tonight of the girls playing on the trapeze that Larry hung under the deck. We thought they'd really play a lot with it, but they don't even want to go outside unless I'm out there with them. Strange. I guess they like someone to show off for.

The bandana was my idea of a cough-catcher. We looked like a couple of stagecoach robbers this weekend with our scarves, but they really work! Mia's been wearing hers to school, too. Might not be dress code, but better to break dress code than spread a cough.

And here was Andy after a little evening digging.