Saturday, October 24, 2015

A little more progress on the house

They've just about got the kitchen all installed. Cabinets are in. Appliances are here, but not in yet. Countertops are coming the day after tomorrow. Here is a picture of the progress so far.

The cabinet color is Sherwin Williams Commodore. My family thinks it's a little overboard on the blue, but I like it. The countertops should help break it up, and maybe someday a backsplash. I have some gift money I'm saving up for that. We had to wait 6 weeks for them to paint stock cabinets - I think it was worth the wait!

The yard was seeded yesterday. Here's the latest picture of the outside.

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Vonda Seals said...

It's SO beautiful! I LOVE it. So glad you're getting your dream house! Congrats!